Services for Economic Operators

Notice to economic operators

The electronic tenders of the procuring entities of the FVG Region are published in the Bandi e avvisi (Tenders and Notices) section of the eAppaltiFVG portal.

For the tenders called by public authorities by other means, the advertisements of such are published on the site of the authority itself.

To register as Economic Operators, it is necessary to subscribe to the portal.

The Economic operators section of the eAppaltiFVG Portal publishes a list of product categories (annex 1 to the Regulation) to which operators can subscribe. There are no common expenditure categories yet.



  • Free calls from Italy 800 098 788

    post-selection 7

  • Phone 040 06 49 013
    for calls* from abroad or from mobile phone
    *cost of the call charged to the user according to the telephone operator used.
  • Fax 02 266 002 242
  • Mail
  • Support is guaranteed from Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm in order to ensure maximum operational transparency and to monitor the quality of the service, calls to the dedicated number are subject to registration.