CUC - Regional aggregator

The institution of the aggregator has been introduced at national level, to rationalize expenditure on the purchase of goods and services.

In the context of the new legislation, the list of aggregators is established, with a central purchasing body for each region. (art. 9, paragraph 1 of DL April 24, 2014, no 66 "Urgent measures for competitiveness and social justice", converted, with modifications, by law June 23, 2014, N. 89)
The Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia has established its own Central purchasing body as a structure of Regional Administration.

The Central purchasing body has been qualified as an "aggregator" by the regional Law of December 12, 2014, N. 26 (Reorganization of the Region-local autonomies system in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Reorganization of municipal territorial unions and reallocation of administrative functions):

As an aggregator, the sole regional service provider sees to the procurement of goods and services identified by the programming of the technical board of the aggregators or the Regional Council, also through the competent authority Egas or other competent bodies based on availment (article 44, paragraph 4bis of regional law 26/2014)



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